Used car pre-purchase inspections

We offer pre-purchase inspections for used cars in Spain. Our experienced engineers conduct thorough visual and mechanical inspections to ensure the vehicle is as advertised.

revision de coche de segunda mano

What does our pre-purchase inspection include?

We carry out a thorough review of your car with our checklist that includes, among others, the following elements:

  • Sheet metal evaluation
  • Paint condition check
  • Interior condition check
  • Análisis de llantas y neumáticos
  • Identification of hidden defects
  • Electronic diagnosis

informe de verificacion de coche de segunda mano

Nuestro proceso

How does it work?

Do not take risks with a car that may have hidden defects. Now you can buy a second-hand car knowing what you are buying thanks to these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Let us know about the car

You provide us with the details of the car and the location of the seller

Step 2: We inspect the vehicle

One of our experts contacts the seller to arrange the car inspection.

Step 3: We send you a report

You receive an email with the report, which includes the test results, observations, photos and a video

Take a look at our video:

Do you have any questions?
We are multilingual so do not hesitate to Whatsapp us.

perito mecanico revisando un coche de segunda mano

6 reasons to use our services

  1. We work exclusively with highly experienced mechanical experts.
  2. We conduct the review within 24 to 72 business hours.
  3. We offer a unique and complete inspection that covers all aspects of the vehicle.
  4. Easily access the inspection report in digital PDF format with a unique URL.
  5. Hundreds of customers have already been satisfied with our service.
  6. Save time and effort, as we travel to your location; there is no need to go to a workshop.

Price Car Inspection

From 180€ you can request a car inspection anywhere in Spain. Below you can find the different prices depending on the car type.

Revision turismos
revision suv
revision 4x4 todoterreno
revisión furgoneta de segunda mano
revision deportivo
revision coche clasico segunda mano
revision furgoneta camper segunda mano
revision autocaravana
revision caravana segunda mano
revision camion segunda mano

What do our customers say?

For us, customer service and the agility of the process are super important. That is why we have a wide range of satisfied customers.

Nuria Gonzalez
“Very happy with the service and treatment received. I contacted them to check a vehicle before buying it and they gave me a very complete report checking absolutely the entire vehicle. It was also very fast and they themselves contacted the seller to meet him. Any questions you can ask them on WhatsApp and they will solve it for you at the moment. Totally recommended”
Xavi Carrasco
“Thank you David and team. I spent weeks talking with David and he gave me a lot of confidence. After deciding everything very quickly and well explained. The report included a video summary of the items inspected which was extremely helpful. In the end I decided to buy the car and so far very happy with the purchase.”
Jessica Calavria
“We have hired the services of Informes Mecanicos before buying a second-hand van.
We were with the expert while he carried out the inspection and we have been very happy with the review they have carried out, super detailed.
It gives you a lot of peace of mind when buying the vehicle”
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How much does the mechanical report cost?

Our inspection costs from €150 and includes more than 120 elements that can be checked in this checklist, 20 photos and 1 video. The cost is different if it is a different type of vehicle. You can check the prices on this page.

The displacement is included within the city. Displacements that exceed 50 km round trip will be billed at €0.40/km.

The second and subsequent revisions of the same particular client have a discount of €20 during the first 2 months after the last revision. We offer volume discounts. For other types of vehicles, contact us and we will send you a personalized quote.

Why should I request a mechanical check-up?

A pre-purchase automobile inspection is an inspection performed by a technician to determine the condition of a vehicle prior to purchase. A used car inspection is recommended to gather information about the car’s current condition (damage, maintenance, safety) to determine if a purchase is a good investment. Our Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist focuses on physical inspections and does not include any vehicle history checks (i.e. whether the car was registered in an accident, reported stolen, or has outstanding balances). however you can easily add these in the check out form.

How long will it take to receive the report?

Once we receive your request and the expert agrees on the exact day, time and place with the seller, within a maximum period of 3 days (not counting weekends or holidays) after inspecting the vehicle, we will send the report to the email of the person who sent it. solicitous.

For mechanical expert reports, the report can be delayed from 7 days to 30 working days depending on the complexity of the matter and the visits that are needed.

How long does it take to make an appointment with the seller?

Normally, we obtain the appointment with the seller during the following 24 hours after placing the order. The day of the appointment will depend on the availability of both the expert and the seller, usually within the following 2 or 3 days.

Do I have to be present during the inspection?

You do not need to be present for the inspection as our adjuster will send you a full report once they have met the seller and checked out the car.

However, if you want to be there during the inspection, this has an extra cost of €25 including VAT.

How will I receive the report?

You will receive the inspection report by email, once our expert has completed the verification of the car. The report is usually sent as soon as the inspection is complete up to a maximum of 3 business days.

Terms and Conditions

Our report prepared by our car specialist is a private report that reflects the state of the vehicle’s checked points at the time the inspection is carried out. If, after some time, a mechanical problem occurs, is not responsible.

The dynamic test will be carried out as long as the seller gives his approval and the car has insurance. When either of the two conditions does not occur, it is not considered an incomplete report.

On occasion, it may happen that there are cars that are not compatible with the diagnostic machine of our experts, in these cases it is not considered an incomplete report. These are things that can happen due to factors outside of The money will not be returned if something like this happens.

The client will have 48 hours after the inspection for any notice of non-conformity in the report. From the notification by the client until receiving a response from, the vehicle must remain in the same location where the inspection was carried out in case it was necessary to revisit the vehicle.

In the event that the seller does not show up at the appointment agreed with the expert to carry out the vehicle verification, the report will be kept for 12 months for use in another vehicle, paying an extra for the costs generated or the report may be waived. without the possibility of refunding the amount.

In which places do we operate?

We work throughout Spain. Our most popular locations are Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Vizcaia, Seville, Cadiz, Barcelona, ​​Asturias, etc. We frequently update this page with new locations where we work. For any questions, send us your question to

Vehicle Inspections in Spain

We work throughout Spain and we travel to the town where the vehicle is located.
Send us an email to with your query and we will check the feasibility of the process.

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